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Peterhouse Retirement Complex offers residential, nursing, respite and post-operative care in Bexhill, as well as sheltered housing flats and a day centre. Peterhouse is owned by NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society), which has been providing welfare and support for people in the advertising media industry since 1913.

Peterhouse itself has been providing care for older people since 1966, when the Sheltered Flats were opened as retirement homes for older people from the industry (and also their close relatives).

The Care Wing opened a few years later and now welcomes people from all walks of life, many of whom come from the Bexhill area, and some of whom come from the Sheltered Flats. The Care Wing now offers residential, nursing, respite and post-operative care. The Day Centre, which serves the local community as well as Care Wing residents, was opened in 2008 and has recently been expanded to meet demand. Based in Bexhill, Peterhouse is close to Hastings, Battle, Eastbourne and St. Leonards.

Peterhouse has strong leadership, an experienced senior management team and highly-trained and capable staff. Supporting them is the Peterhouse Management Board, most of whose members come from the advertising media industry and now act for Peterhouse on a purely voluntary basis. They support the Director of Operations at Peterhouse who reports directly to the CEO of NABS.

The board is chaired by Keith Fowler, who previously headed up a number of advertising groups and now has a portfolio of non-executive directorships. Other voluntary board members include Colin Clarke, Sue Peters, Terry Smith and Peter Wilmott. The board meets monthly, knows the residents personally and joins them in various social events throughout the year.

Peterhouse has a very active (and popular!) Friends group, chaired by Colin Clarke, which support residents and staff in numerous valuable ways, They also arrange regular social events – such as a quiz night, coffee morning, pancake night, drinks party, or a local trip out.

If you are looking for respite, residential/nursing or post operative care, or would like to know more about our sheltered housing and day centre, please do get in touch. Our Retirement Complex is based in the seaside town of Bexhill which is close to Hastings, St. Leonards, Eastbourne and Battle.

I could write a book about Peterhouse if my hands were not useless and if I were not the archetypal technological luddite, so I will be brief.


In my 18 years of being part of Peterhouse (I was 2 years enjoying holidays at the suggestion of NABS before becoming a resident in March 2000). There have been very many changes during this time and coming from an  advertising and marketing background I welcome change for changes sake ( one cannot always be right of course) but as John F Kennedy said “change is the law of life and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future”


All staff encourage a great community spirit. What has been constant throughout the years has been the commitment and dedication of senior and deputy management to the care of all, be they frail or sick. All the staff are caring and helpful, beginning with a warm welcome from the receptionist to newcomers, families and visitors. I would like to add my gratitude to the splendid maintenance team who act so quickly and efficiently when required, and to Rob who tends the bay tree with TLC, which I bought in 2003 to bring some life into what looked to me Lenin’s tomb.


We owe a great deal to Friends of Peterhouse who have devoted and donated their time and money to all activities and many events which the resident’s social club set up and were always pro-active within it. My final words: Happiness and Contentment.



Ena Leech

Peterhouse Resident

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